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Summer Special!

Is all that cash in your pocket weighing you down? Here is a deal so you can lose those extra pounds, if you're English, or dollars if you're in the US. Buy any 3 CDs and get one A Cappella Doo Wop free.

* The free CD will not appear on your bill

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A Cappella Cool Here is a little taste. Listen...
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DO YOU HAVE 'EM ALL? Complete your collection with all the Echoes CDs! The Holiday CD Doo Wop Around The Christmas Treetheir third album Doo Wop Till You Drop, the sophomore offering Love From Echo Parkand the one that started it all A Cappella Doo Wop. All these CDs bring you plenty of classic Doo Wop and New Wop sure to tickle your eardrums.

Click on any of the above links to see song titles and hear a few samples of the music.











To All Echoes Fans:

Feeling Too Old? Too Young? Too Tired? Or Just Blasé? Here is the cure!

Harvey Shield Presents:

The Hipster Replacements

A monthly salon of music, poetry and fun. featuring a revolving coterie of Echo Park's hippest old timers.

The Hipster Replacements will occur on the first Thursday of every month. It will feature a variety of artists and usually The Mighty Echoes.

The Mighty Echoes are featured in the definitive reference book, "American Singing Groups." Author Jay Warner calls them "the West Coast equivalent of the best East Coast A Cappella groups of the last 20 years." This book is a must for anyone who digs the group harmony sound. Buy it!




Echoes Live at Witzend in Venice
Saturday March 14 Please note 8:15 start time.

When: Saturday, March 14, 8:15pm
Where: Witzend 1717 Lincoln Ave. Venice, CA 90232
Info: 310-305-4792